GLIN Labs is a virtual center for research and development of information technology tools to enhance decisionmaking to improve the health of the Great Lakes. The "lab" is where, with the participation of numerous Great Lakes partners, we will be designing, testing, reviewing and launching new applications. For more background on the GLIN Labs project, refer to the Launching GLIN Labs factsheet.

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Going to the beach? Now you can get real-time
information on beach water quality advisories, weather and water conditions all on your mobile phone.

The Great Lakes Commission (GLC), in partnership with LimnoTech and the Great Lakes states, has developed a free smartphone application that provides convenient, public access to swim advisories and other environmental conditions information for more than 1,800 beaches in the eight Great Lakes states.

Funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the myBeachCast application (app) retrieves locational and advisory data for Great Lakes and inland lake beaches in the eight Great Lakes states.

To download myBeachCast, go to or scan your smartphone over the code shown at right with a QR code reader.

myBeachCastThe Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) is currently seeking testers for myBeachCast, a new beta Android app that provides more options and opportunities for public access to beach advisories and other environmental information.

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The following is a short inventory of several key applications and tools that the GLIN Labs Development Team has identified as invaluable and, for the most part, user-friendly resources for data, mobile and internet publishing.

The GLIN Labs Advisory Team will convene in Ann Arbor on April 21, 2010, 1pm - 5pm ET, to assess and evaluate resource inventory and tools, future directions and discuss next steps for future GLIN Labs development. Online conferencing will also be available so that remote advisors who are unable to attend may participate.
If you are a member of the GLIN Labs Advisory Team, you will be directly contacted with agenda, meeting and log-in information.

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